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Milton Ontario Tax Lawyer - Our practice specializes in handling tax disputes and has significant experience in tax litigation. Businesses call upon us to help them in negotiating with the tax authorities. We often represent them before the courts on tax appeals.

Our office is plenty knowledgeable and experienced in capital, income, commodity, and mining taxation and trade cases. We utilize all of our resources which we have on hand to help guarantee that our client is prepared and ready to handle information requests, audits, reassessment proposals, and voluntary disclosures Our tax solicitors usually request our tax litigators early on to advise our clients concerning the tax aspects of a transaction. Should a reassessment be inevitable, we try to resolve the disagreement utilizing administrative appeals. If this method does not obtain favorable outcome, we try to simplify the circumstances prior to beginning the litigation procedure. Our main objective is to be able to help our clients come to a resolution efficiently and quickly.

Amongst our recent cases have comprised transfer pricing, interpretative questions and tax avoidance. These questions involve scientific research and experimental development costs, taxable benefits, foreign exchange, and commodity and payroll taxes.

Our base of clients consist of several foreign and domestic companies, consisting of public institutions and partnerships, tax-exempt businesses, in addition to several businesses within the fields of telecommunications, financials, utilities and pharmaceuticals. We guarantee that a close working relationship is maintained on both a global and domestic level with chief financial officers, accountants, tax advisors, and tax executives.

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Milton is part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in Ontario Province. Part of the Halton region, Milton is a thriving town next to the Niagara Escarpment, a UNESCO world biosphere reserve. Milton is only minutes away from the world-renowned Bruce Trail.

In order to reach Milton, travelers on the road could go west from Toronto on Highway 401 for 40 kilometres. The town could likewise be reached by GO Transit commuter trains and buses.

The city of Milton became recognized as the fastest growing town in Canada after the 2006 Census revealed that Milton's population had increased 71 percent between the years 2001 and 2006. During the year 2006 the population was 53,939. When the 2011 Census figures are accessible, it is expected that the city of Milton will show a population of more than 82,000...